In just 4 days I will be the big 31…. Bobby went back to work this morning…. I was woke up with serve pain in my left foot…. The glass baking dish did a number on my foot…. I am going to have to go get my foot checked out…. I also get to go see my grandmother today…. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday I can’t believe that is going to be 8 years old…. I contacted the makers of the glass baking dish and they told me that a member of management is going to contact me…. They are probably going to try to replace the glass baking dish…. I am NOT going to accept it because now I don’t trust glass baking dishes especially after what happened to me last night…. I am never going to use another glass baking dish again…. We are getting a sticker on the Suzuki today and I am actually glad because then everything on the vehicle will be legal and the cops can’t be messing with Bobby anymore…. Moving day is getting closer and closer for me and Bobby and I can’t wait for that day to happen…. I am trying my best to clean house but my foot is limiting me to what I do because it hurts so bad…. I going to find my Tylenol and take a couple so the pain in my foot will go away long enough so I can get my house cleaning done…. I am glad that I got the dishes done yesterday evening because that is one less thing that I have to do…. I still have to get dressed for the day because whenever Bobby gets off of work I have to go with him to go get things then go see my grandmother…. I paid the last two bills that needed to be paid and now we are caught up on our bills for the time being…. My cats being brats this morning…. 

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January 3, 2019

Sorry to hear about your foot, hope it is feeling better soon!

January 3, 2019