Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday…. Where has the time gone???? She is growing up so fast just like her two brothers Hunter and Jon…. I can not believe that in 3 days I will be turning 31…. I am sick with this crud that is going around…. I am going to be taking myself to the doctor just as soon as the taxi gets here so I can go get the Suzuki so I can take myself to the doctor while Bobby is at work…. I really didn’t want to be sick for my birthday again this year but it happened…. Bobby bought me some stuff for my birthday…. I have never really had anyone to get me anything since I was a kid…. Today would have also been my papaw Pack’s birthday…. I am having to call Charleston and ask them why didn’t I receive my medical card for the year…. I really need that medical card because I have to go the dentist and I have to go to the doctor sometime this month…. I am not going to be going to school while I am sick because I don’t want to give this crud to anyone…. I am glad that I got to see my family yesterday at Walmart and I am glad that I got to see my grandmother…. My grandmother likes Bobby and that is a good thing because my grandmother really doesn’t like anyone…. My mom also approves of Bobby and I guess that is a good thing…. I am still going to marry Bobby in August…. I went to the doctor today and it is an upper respiratory infection so I am on antibiotics for a few days so that means no school for this week coming…. It is crazy that I always get sick this time every year around my birthday…. I know that I am going to sleep in tomorrow or at least I am going to try too if those kids don’t be too loud…. I managed to make homemade chili for me and Bobby and his dad…. I am sick and I really don’t want to be dragged into the middle of Talena and Zack’s arguments or fights and what is the first thing that Zack does is drag me into the middle of their arguments and fights…. I told them both a few minutes ago that they both needed to grow up and talk about this like adults…. I told them both that they need to be adults and talk about their problems instead of always blowing up at one another…. Tomorrow they are coming to my house and have an adult conversation with no cussing, arguing, no putting the other one down, and no yelling…. I know that I can try to fix their relationship and I make a great mediator…. I think that I am going to be a relationship/marriage counselor whenever I finish my GED…. Tomorrow Bobby has got to meet with Rich to get everything that we need to get ready to take over the trailer payments and the lot rent…. I am ready to move into that trailer like now because I am tired of living in this apartment…. February can’t get here fast enough so we can move and get out of this apartment for once and for all…. I am tired of living in this small one bedroom apartment with no where to store anything that we have…. We have literally filled this apartment with everything that we needed and more…. The day that we move everything out I am going to tell the landlord where he can shove this apartment and that I will not be back because I have found another place to live and that the new place is a much better environment for me and my health…. There is black mold growing on my shower wall I have done everything and used everything possible to try to get rid of the black mold and it just won’t go away…. Black mold is toxic and it is a health hazard…. I am going to call the county health department Monday morning and ask them what I can do about my apartment having black mold in it…. They may be getting the landlord in trouble for it because from what the landlord told me is that his maintenance man only painted over the black mold…. I am going to do everything possible to get that landlord in trouble because he decided that he was going to play the racist card on me and take sides with those idiots in apartment one…. I have a lot of phone calls to make on Monday morning starting with calling the county health department….  

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