I had a rough night last night where I am sick with this upper respiratory infection…. I am so over being sick all I want is to feel better…. Today sometime me and Bobby is supposed to go get my medicine…. I am now at the heaviest that I have ever been in my life 232 pounds…. That 232 pounds has to come off by August so I can fit into a nice wedding dress…. Oh no those kids are up next door and they are being really loud…. Bobby is still asleep and the way that it sounds Bobby is starting to get sick…. I hope that Bobby doesn’t catch what I have then that means he would have to miss work and that really affects his paycheck…. We need his paycheck to survive…. I am really trying to find another job because I want to help pay some of these bills that has to be paid…. I am going to do my best to go to that interview on Tuesday at KFC and hopefully  I will walk away with that job…. I am really trying to show Bobby that I am not like his ex-wife Michelle…. I have heard horrible stories about Michelle and how she never kept their house clean and how she always let the laundry and dishes pile up…. <- How could someone do that? I do my best to try to keep this apartment clean…. I don’t ever let this apartment get nasty the way that I heard Michelle let their house get dirty…. I have been on the phone Zack this morning…. I have already talked to Talena this morning too…. I had to put with Judy all day yesterday at Joyce’s house…. I actually feel sorry for Zack because Talena has done him so wrong…. Bobby met with Rich this evening to get the paperwork that is needed for us to transition into taking over the trailer…. I got my pictures that I had printed through Free Prints today…. One of my four photo albums is missing me and Bobby looked everywhere for it and it is no where to be found…. Looks like I am going to have those pictures reprinted and get another photo album…. Yesterday Joyce gave me a teddy bear and it’s too cute…. I have been in bed all day because of this sickness…. February we are officially moving out of this apartment and I can’t wait…. 

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