Today I have managed to get to the school. I have decided that I am going to be going to school full time and there is NOTHING that Talena can do about it. I have changed my mind I am NOT going to be tied down by babysitting all the time. This morning done me in after she sat there and called me every name in the book but a white girl. I am NOT going to be treated that way by anyone especially her. I am better than that. She is going to regret me this evening whenever I get home because I have something stored up my sleeve for her. All I have to say about that is that she NOT going to like me after I make my phone call. Her kids are out of control and I am going to be the one who complaining to the landlord about her kids and I am going to be the one who calling CPS on here because her house is a mess and she doesn’t know how to keep a clean house. My house is clean and I know how to keep a clean house. She has really crossed a line this time by calling me names and trying to tell me that I am NOT allowed to go to school that I have to watch her kid while she is at work. Well guess what Talena I am at school and you had to miss work because I didn’t watch your kid. Haha I win again. My fianc√© Bobby brought me lunch to the school isn’t he the sweetest. I can’t wait for us to get this vehicle so I can start driving again to school and going to see my sister Ashley and the rest of my family. I can’t wait to have a vehicle again so I can go back and forth to the doctor whenever I need to go and then we will be able to go to Bobby’s daddy’s house and see him. Things are starting to look up for me and Bobby and I am NOT about to let someone like Talena bring us down. As far as I am concerned Talena doesn’t need to be knocking on my door asking Bobby to walk over there for some reason. She has a boyfriend and she needs to leave my boyfriend the hell alone before she gets her ass handed to her. I am NOT going to be plying games with her whenever it comes to Bobby. I will turn into a b***h over Bobby real quick and she needs to start asking her boyfriend to do things for her and leave my man the hell alone. I swear that if she would have opened that door this morning I would have grabbed her and would have beat her ass because I have had enough of her and her drama. It is like living in hell living next to her and her kids especially when they always yell, scream, stomp through her apartment, and beat on the walls. I am calling the landlord this evening and telling him that one of Talena’s kids put a hole in the living room wall on purpose and that her apartment is nasty. Also I am going to tell the landlord that my refrigerator is still acting up and I have defrosted the freezer like 3 times and it is still doing the same thing. There is no fixing that freezer they are going to have to replace it and be done. It is almost time for the weekend to begin. Hopefully by Monday we will have a vehicle and I will be able to go see my sister Ashley again it has been 10 months since I have seen her. I don’t have to deal with Talena or her kids anymore because I am done with them and I will never have anything to do with them anymore because she is NOTHING to me. My daddy was ONLY married to her mother so once my daddy died that made her NO longer my family and I will NOT be having anything to do with her anymore. I am going to live my life the way that I have always wanted to and I am NOT going to worry about Talena anymore. I mean seriously I can’t even have a life because of Talena and her kids. All I have to say is that she has a boyfriend and a mom to bother so that means she doesn’t need to be bothering me or Bobby anymore. She has a boyfriend and he can start doing things for her instead of me always doing everything for her those days are over as of today. I am NOT going to answer my door anymore because I have made up my mind that I am done with her and I am NOT going to have her or her kids in my wedding because they are an embarrassment and I don’t need that going into a new marriage. I found out today that I will no longer be babysitting Kaden and for that’s a good thing. I really don’t need to be babysitting Kaden because that kid really tests my nerves. Today I actually had to turn the heat on for the first time which really means that fall is here. It’s really cold outside it was could enough that I actually wore pants to school today and a jacket. My wedding dress came in the mail today and I have already tried it on to make sure it fits. It fits but I want to lose weight before I get married again. I that this time of the year because I always freeze in the winter. I wish that those kids would stop running and stomping I am trying to relax after a long day at school.¬†

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