Yesterday I cleaned house and mopped all the floors. The only thing that Bobby did yesterday was the laundry. I am really trying to keep this apartment clean and it is hard to do it by myself especially with Bobby not helping. I understand that he works Monday thru Friday but he has two days off which means that he can help me on the weekends. I do enough like trying to go to school and keep the apartment clean. I have a lot going on and keeping this apartment clean by myself is impossible I need Bobby’s help. I made my second order from Wish yesterday. I plan on doing all of my Christmas shopping on Wish. You can get a lot of nice things from Wish for really cheap prices. I have officially became a shopaholic on Wish because I like looking for bargains when it comes to shopping. Yesterday Talena’s kids were out of control it is only getting worse with those kids. It got so bad yesterday that I actually had to call the landlord and complain to him about those kids. Her apartment is nasty and she never cleans her apartment and those kids constantly kicking the walls, screaming, yelling, and putting holes in the walls is getting old really fast. I can not wait to move out of this apartment so I can finally have some peace of mind. I can not take living next to Talena much longer especially with her kids. I can not take those kids waking me up on a Saturday especially after I have had a long week getting bobby up for work at 5:30 Monday thru Friday and me trying to go to school Tuesday thru Friday. I will not be babysitting Kaden anymore and that takes a load off of me because I wasn’t able to go to school like I need to be doing. Now that I have my freedom back during the day I am going to go to school.   

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