Sorry that I have been MIA…. I have had a lot going on here lately…. I finally talked to my husband Dewayne today on the phone…. I told him that he needs to think long and hard before making a decision about getting a divorce…. He agreed to it…. We had a long heart to heart conversation and maybe just maybe he will come back…. I have been dreaming about my husband a lot here lately…. I also told him that I still loved him and I want to work things out with him…. I know that he is unhappy with that girl…. I found out that my husband had a heart attack, he had to have his gallbladder removed and his appendix removed…. My husband is sick and needs his wife to take care of him…. I fear for my husbands safety…. My husband needs to be here with me….  I am the only who can truly take care of him…. I am working on getting back with my husband…. I will have my husband home with me…. Wish me luck…. 

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