I do my best to keep this house clean…. Bobby has went back to the way that he was treating me before…. Every day for the past two weeks Bobby has came home with an attitude and jumped on me for no reason…. Just when I thought that he had changed he went right back to being a real jerk…. He just doesn’t know it yet but he is on the verge of losing me…. I pay 95% of the bills and he only pays the other 5% of the bills…. I put all of the groceries in the house for the month…. I buy all the cleaning supplies and all of the basic necessities that we need throughout the month…. Then he gets mad at me because I am always broke by the end of the day on the 1st of every month…. Sorry Bobby but it’s called being an adult and responsibilities…. I have not bought me anything for myself in a long time…. I am looking for another job because honestly I need the extra income so I can start saving money for a car…. He still hasn’t been giving me any kind of special attention…. I am not happy anymore…. I have tried everything to make him happy and I have done nothing but take care of him for the past 16 months…. I cook, clean house, do his laundry, hang his work clothes up, make sure he is up for work at 5:30 every morning Monday thru Friday, and I make sure that his lunch is packed for work…. He doesn’t appreciate all the things that I do for him…. I am just fed up…. 

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