Bio Is Done

Thank-you Peter for the help, because of you I now have a bio.

I guess the color thing will come in time.

Yesterday I was listening to the raido and heard this song that I really like.  I know I am dated in a lot of the music I like….and yes I can be all mushy and every once in awhile I can even shed a tear or two.

I also like Tom petty…with this song I figure when I am high on something I will actually fly…But I just like the song.

Well, now that I have mastered using links and pasteing them here I am  becoming a pro.

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1 week ago

I grew up listening to Tom Petty. Good song! 😁

1 week ago

love Tom petty too


1 week ago

Tom Petty will never die – he will live on in the hearts of those who love him (and his music)
P.S. Lawnboys can be quite tempting lol

1 week ago

are any of your old friends back? I only see 3 of mine…. oddly I cannot even remember what names were the ones not here