Hump Day?

Just to remind everyone that today is Wednesday.  Otherwise known as Hump Day.  Today kind of reminds me of a camel.  I know bad joke…sorry.

The middle of the week seems like it came so fast.  I can hardly remember yesterday let alone the weekend.  Wow how time flies sometimes.  This weekend is a stat holiday. Here in Canada we get to celebrate the Queens birthday.  I think you Americans get celebrate Memorial Day.

I look at the rest of the week and sometimes it seems so far away and there are more days till the end of the week  that seem like forever to pass.  It’s almost like waiting for your birthday or Christmas, it just seems so far away and all you can do is wait.

It looks like it’s going to rain today.  I knew I should have finished the grass yesterday.  Oh well another day.  Yesterday I was going to make a snack cake but didn’t find a recipie that I wanted to do.  I have a apple sauce spice cake that I might do.  I even have the apple sauce.

I think today will be a good day to get some house work done.  Not sure where to start but I will have that conversation with myself later.

The other day we went to Costco.  I love that place.  Although without a car it can be disappointing because everything ends up being heavy.  But this time I was smart and brought my cart thing with some plastic bags so it wasn’t so bad.  The stuff I got was a decent price and I was happy when I left.  I found out the canadian Costco does not take Visa only mastercard.  The U.S.A. costco takes Visa though…go figure, they must like you people better then us Canadians.

I feel like a Cheeseburger…..

Boy that looks good……Hope there is mayonaise on it and no raw onions or chilli peppers.

This reminds me to buy some hamberger buns and some ground beef.  Maybe the nexttime I go shopping.

Okay brain is going blank again…..I guess this is how someone wants me to stop typing and get to life, such as it is.

Have a good one people and behave….


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1 week ago

That cheeseburger looks so good I just decided that I’m going out for lunch.

1 week ago

Oh, I want a burger now!

1 week ago

Memorial Day is next weekend. 😁

I love Costco.

1 week ago

There is a Costco right across from this motel but for whatever reason I hardly ever go.

1 week ago

I love Sam’s Club and Costco. Nearest one is a 1.5 hr drive though. 🙁 Sadly, I spend too much money any time I go, so I have to limit my trips.

1 week ago

The cheeseburger ! I could really go for that at lunchtime.  Thank you for your words and thanks for the chance to be able to vent when necessary. I’m trying to hold on for the next therapy and my doctor next week-the later is the one I’m really keen to see as he knows me far better than the therapist.  Although I’m against taking meds unless I have to I’ve reached the point where they are looking likely and I need to do some research for the doctor.Have a great day.

1 week ago

Hi there Its late afternoon and I’m about to switch the computer off till tomorrow. Its cold here ! No don’t worry you will never be too personal. I admire your straight talk way I try to do that myself when I can.I believe in telling it like it is.My late father was a straight talking man.You couldn’t hide much from him!He had great insight into the world around him. I miss him.

Tomorrow is therapy so I probably won’t write till after that. I feel like I need to apologize to my therapist for the other day .I was pretty unco operative to say the least but he knows sometimes I can’t help it -thats why I am searching for a med that will help.

Queens birthday, but nobody really acknowledges her on it.  Just take the day off  lol.

That burger looks awesome. 🙂