Importance Does Change

I can remeber years ago when it was manditory to say Thank-you right away after you got something like a present and a card.  It was also important to give cards and presents. then it was just a card then it’s an e-card.  People still say Thank-you. Well except some people I know.   Now my mom tells me not to bother sending e-cards.  Not sure about the phone calls but will still do that.

There are still things that are important to me. Like when I wear something and I ask hubby if he thinks it’s too tight or if I look fat. He just says he will take the 5th on that one.  I respond by telling him Canada doesn’t have the 5th.  I guess men know better then to answer that question.  Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get an answer from some people.  Like my son just says MEH.  I think he just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.  But what people don’t understand I ask these questions to get honest answers so I can do better next time.

Another one that people do want to answer is the one where you ask “Have you stopped beatting your…….If you say yes then it means you never stopped. if you say no then you once did.  There are not many situations where that question comes up.

Then there are people who are old school and just does what is right to do.  I am like that.  I always try to acknowledge those who have gone out of their way and showed that they do care.  I often think that Thank-you is just not good enough and I need to recipicate in some way.  

I have seen over the years how the demand for more real food  be more available and the processed foods be gone.  I stay away from pprocessed foods because there is always some chemicle in them that can kill you.  And then there is stuff that is one or two chemicles away from plastic.  Unfortunatly I do use one of them.  I know gross right but with the way prices are these days it’s just a rip off to get the good stuff.  But if I were living alone I would buy it, all of the good stuff.

I really don’t like change of any kind.  I am one of the last ones to get the new tech toy or the new anything.  I just find that if the old one still works why bother?  They say change is a good thing because it makes you a better and stronger person.  But no one can change you you can only change yourself. And once you start changing the people around you change without them even noticing.  I have seen this happen at least once.

For the most part I just care about me and my behaviour.  I have learned that I can only control me and others hate it.  But the one place I have total control is my kitchen and my sleeping space.  When I do something like the laundry I get total control over that. The men in my family just think to throw all the clothes no matter what color it is into one load in the washer.  I keep telling them that the whites need bleach every once in awhile.  But then like to look like they just rolled out of bed.

In recent years I have changes the way I cook and it seems to be for the better.  I have just decided that it’s not worth dieing because I had to have that oil soaked chicken.  Plus that is not good for my colestrol. Which by the way is perfect now.

Whatever changes I am doing are for the better. Not too sure if I want to be alive at 110 but I am on the road to better well being because the Importance Does Change…..

Until next time, Behave…….

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1 week ago

Change is hard for me, too, but sometimes very necessary.

1 week ago

I think a personal thank you is always the most heart felt

1 week ago

Customs change but good manners never go out of fashion

1 week ago

Change is hard for me too, but I know it’s necessary. I usually wait to get the new tech, because once I get it, it’s not new anymore!

1 week ago

There are some good things about change and some bad. I don’t like change, even when it’s a benefit to me, but I always try not to get too upset about it, because it’s inevitable, either way. Learning to go with the flow or whatever. 🙂

Change is difficult… but is good and needed sometimes.  Looks like you have found the balance.  🙂