Adam and I have 127 days before we’re getting married. I started finals this week and have 5 days left before I have to put my pencil down and wait for my semester’s grades. I filed my taxes on April 17th at 9:02 pm, so my $855 direct deposit should hit before the middle of next week.  I made 21,000 last year, but after all of my business and educational expense, I had a taxable income of <$3k. I have 5 days to come up with $612 or Progressive will end my insurance policy on my car 2 months prematurely. It’s been two weeks since I’ve driven for GrubHub due to a clerical error that got me locked out of their system. I have 4 weeks worth of laundry to do and I’ll need 4 hours, 30 minutes to get the job done at my parents’ house. I have 15 days before rent is due for my little room at the hostel. I have 4 days to reapply for Medicaid. I have 12 chapters of biology left to memorize before my exam Monday afternoon. I have 100 days to hit my dress size goal. I am currently in-between a 14-16 and would like to walk down the aisle a size 8.  I have $95 in the bank and 9 eggs, 1/4 lb of cheese, 1 stick of butter and 12 cherry tomatoes in my mini-fridge. I’ll have 7/8 of a tank worth of gas after I meet Adam for a movie date in 95 minutes, and drive back home this evening. My car is 14 years old with 155,320 miles on it. My resting heart rate despite a poor night’s sleep is 65. I’ll take 5 mg of melatonin before hitting the sheets at about 10:45 tonight like I always do.

can count  just like anyone else, probably more precisely than most. So why am I so sure that I’ve failed my Trigonometry final today?

more soon;

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April 27, 2018

Hey, remember me? Great to “see” you again 🙂 You were always so supportive with your comments, and it truly meant a lot to me. I must admit I effectively never write anymore (one day I might have the time to change that), however I somehow love knowing that this place even exists again (even if the site is unfinished). Also, I finally donated — something I always felt guilty about not doing!

This list is not as long as my own list, however it is much more intense (and well-documented!). I believe you can pull it all off though 🙂 The key point here is though – you have someone you love to share it with! It should be a joyous challenge together I hope (though it may not feel like it sometimes), and in the end as long as you remember what’s really important, you’ll be fine. (Also, realizing how valuable frugality and minimalism are in this world of bought happiness will help a lot!).


May 6, 2018

@messupit Hey David, I DO remember you!!! It’s so good to reconnect with you again. I’m glad this space is back too. It was an important part of me growing up. I grew up and into writing here. I would love to see you write again!

Thank you for this encouraging, heartfelt note! Frugality and minimalism are bringing me a measure of peace in these crazy times we live in, and having someone to share the adventures with is such a treat. Stay well!


May 6, 2018

Suspenseful ending.  Did you pass your trigonometry final?

May 6, 2018

@sleepygene Sadly not, but that’s because during finals time due to Insurance issues, I was 100% off of my ADHD meds. My therapist gave me advice on how to correct the problem though: take some time off from school, study the material again and again, and then take a CLEP exam; if I do well on the exam, it’ll replace the bad grade in the class and I get to move onto the next round. But that is a problem for January 2019 me. Today, I’m just focusing on getting my health together.