Another Day Begins

Trying to be more faithful about making entries lately. I can’t remember if I mentioned before, but I got the second job, and been logging a lot of hours, 80-100 per week between this one and my regular job.
I was going to slow down, but each time I think I’m catching up, something new pops up requiring money. That’s okay,I’ve outlasted the hard times before, it’s just another day at the beach when all is said and done.
I’ve said this recently, and I use it as my mantra some days; I’m not going to whine about working two jobs in an economy where many people can’t find even one job. I’ve been provided an opportunity to accomplish some very necessary things, I’m not going to squander it, or be ungrateful for it.
Sitting in the parking lot of my duty post for today (security guard) waiting for employees to arrive, so thought I would touch base.
Michael, sorry I missed your big day, hope you got my note. My 53rd birthday is Wednesday, so I’m close on your heels my friend.
So, as Sunday begins here in the great state of Texas, I pray you all have a safe and happy week.
And as our national day of gluttony approaches here, I want to let you guys know how thankful I am to have my unseen OD friends out there. You’ve helped me this last year or so with your words of encouragement and advice more than you know.
Later alligator

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November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday early, lol, take care of yourself, hugs!

November 17, 2013

I got your note, and thank you. OD hasn’t made it easy to keep up with our friends lately…bummer. Glad I made it thru this morning, and your attitude about dealing with life’s struggles lifted my spirits my friend. Hope you can still enjoy some part of the weekend…Michael