As a person of young age , well not as young of what you guys might think im 22 im hispanic and i know this is a diary but i thought i would just give a slight idea of who i am . So ima just start saying as of right now im confused im stuck i feel like i have no goals in life i dont have any motivation what so ever i moved out my moms into my friends because it was so toxic in my household and now my moms sick and she needs help my firend who i live with acts so weird with me our bond isnt the same anymore and i heard that she has been talking about me so at this point im not comfortable but i think she knows i have an idea she has so shes been really nice with me . My mom has been probably one of my biggest bullies and has praticslly tryed and still trys to control my life so i dont want to go back and due to corona getting a job and money has been an issue for me i just feel stuck i dnt have family i can run to i dont have friends and well my dad i cant ask my dad for anything due to all my situations i have felt stuck i feel like i have no where i have to go no motivation i feel like a nobody waste of space tbh i been feeling so comfused and due too that reason im here today as my first diary page i can say i feel so much better i let some things out lifes ruff on me and i have so mucj things i need to let go for the best of me i will try and push myself to be better and get through whatever storm comes my way .. but right now im Tired ……

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October 11, 2020

What are we doing up at 3 in the morning?  You are not alone here.  Welcome.