he left

You would think after 8 years of him always leaving me, it would get easier, but it doesnt. He’s in jail facing 15 years or more and here I am waiting sending money putting money on the phone going to visit hi and he sends me a message saying hes leaving me. yo would think i wouldnt cry or my heart wouldn’t hurt but it does and sometimes it hurts more like ….why am i not enough for him to want to change and stay….what do these other women have that i dont? why am i crying over a man whos in jail going to prison and has nothing to offer me nor my kids…im so messed up in my head idk what to do …..i talk to this man every single day and now he just cuts me off like im nobody…

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1 week ago

Guys are assholes. You are more than enough, they just don’t realize till it’s too late.