So over the weekend, I decided to spend it at Adam and Bev’s. We spend alot of time together, meticulously recording demos of new songs I write. This new song, we spent the better part of 3 hours rehearsing it, critiquing each other’s playing. Trial and error. So, after all that, I set up all the mics, and pressed record. We had a great bed track. So, he proceeded to run upstairs and smoke a joint, while I added my overdubs. 4 guitars, and a bass line. Then, I decided to sing my lead vocal. Here’s the thing, like any great technology, it decided to freeze. Completely freeze. I knew it was gone, all that hard work. He was the level headed one. He told me just to jam with him, so I picked up his bass, and we just ran through it bass and drums. Totally different vibe. So, in a funny way, I’m glad it’s gone. I think…anyway…it helped. After that tiny disaster, we had dinner at McCool’s, and it was great. Jim and Bucky invited us over for cards, so I thought that was nice. Picked up wine, knowing fully I no longer had any more interest in drinking. We listened to unsung 70’s band’s that Jim was into. The man has taste. All of that was cool, up until his slightly tipsy spouse told me if she were single, she would date me, and have me anytime. Well! I do appreciate the lady’s honesty, but damn. But it got me thinking…I do honestly have to deal with my current tension, due to my current love life. Or lack of love, or lust. Either I’ll take at this point. Cali, the woman who sexts whenever she’s lonely, basically told me she’s too anxious to see me face to face. I worry about her, but it’s just too much for me. I basically need the joy of meeting a new person, and enjoying all the endorphins that come with her. Cali, was unfortunately a one night stand, once I decided I was getting my divorce. She is also my friend of over 10 years. I officially give up with her. I don’t want to be in love with anyone at the moment. I need to enjoy being single, and happy. I’m new to all this all over again. Tension.

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