I really would…

Love to know what the hell is going on right now.

in bullet-point form…

– no creativity
– seem to be haemorraging money.
– everyone else seems to be having fun bar me.
– seem to be speaking to my friends less and less.
– Seem to be retreating into my own world.
– seem to sit and think about the past alot.
– can’t get excited by much.
– seem to spend more and more time getting bitter about the above points.

I think London is stifling me. Can I go home now?

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June 14, 2007

kitten…i’m sorry i’ve been distracted lately. you know what my life’s been like. i feel REALLY bad now. We’ll put us both right by going to Fame tomorrow. I know you wont read this until after we’ve seen Fame but..I love you anyway. xx