Pics of my New Flat

As I’m sitting here on Jord’s laptop, I thought I’d update his diary. Jordan is happy…moved to Letchworth and is no longer his grumpy, miserable self. There are trees around him and other green coloured outside things and no bus stops outside his window and no flatmate and he can organise the place as he wants it and it will always be tidy (stupidly tidy as in I think he needs some help with this ‘mess’ issue he has). He has his own sofa now and furniture (which we spent hours building from flatpacks) and loads of pretty cushions covering the chairs and sofa and his main room. We’ve had so much fun getting this room to be nice. We still haven’t finished. More shopping to do yet. Yay. And then we get to sort out his bedroom and make that even more pretty than it already is with pictures and a new rug and…what else does he want in there? And I think this is going to be good for us. Although we will squabble more just because we’ll spend more time together – and we do a lot of squabbling but it’s all because of how much we love eachother hehe – we will also get more time to just be us. and make a home together and not worry about when she’s coming home and not wanting to use the kitchen and not feeling like we can sit in the main room…or not wanting to incase she joins us. We’re going to be so much happier. And maybe occassionally I can surprise him by being here when he gets home from work – couldn’t do THAT in London… and he’s already cooked for me a couple of times…night before my birthday he made some beautiful salmon. And i can keep food that i will eat here – yay! I’m sure he’s happy about that too – less moaning :P. And…I’m rambling…perhaps I should’ve put this in my own diary?

Lauren (on behalf of Jordan) xxx

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October 22, 2007

Hey, just passing through from the front page. Nice place! oooxxx

October 22, 2007

Yeah, that’s far nicer than my place.

October 23, 2007

looks great!