Snow in the forecast..

Winter is here once again. Canucks love to bitch about our famous wintry weather. We complain about the hot weather too but not as much. .

I worry about my sister bc she tried to go to the blood lab last night thinking it was 7:30p instead of 7:30a. She has to make a new appointment now. And the weather is being a bastard once more… 

I was playing a bit of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS XL. Oh yeah! I got a new friend code bc I fucking formatted my console. It is: 1350-2146-7219… and I just finished feeding my miis on Tomodachi Life. I have $70 worth of cash on my Switch, I’m just waiting til I get a wee bit more $$$ so I can get either Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

I am going to go play Pokemon Y now. Now, if I can only remember how to get the Frufrou from the damn maze…


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November 12, 2021

It snowed here last night. But the snow has already melted and disappeared.

November 12, 2021

@heffay Ha! Snow sticks around here like a bad neighbor… 😛