.. s n o w ..

so much frost and new scrims of ice and so much snow on the cold road tonight – even a new single slippery coat of snow new-fallen –  on the platform when I stepped off the train tonight. and the sky was the black of blue, that most dark blue of a moonless bright star night, and Orion and his neighbors were quite sparkling. I had found the finest translation of Cattulus – Cattulus – about ten hours previous. at the laundromat, ten hours passed  – a marvelously chilly day, sky all blue with close floating clouds, as if it is summer. Cattulus heartbreaking volume, with its left-page italicized fascinating greek – this led me to think of what is necessary of greek literature. what is greek?  ovid. the famous lyric volume. a little bit of Sappho suffices. the few lines of Praxilla.  Aeschylus! Euripides cant be forgot.  and of course – as much of the greek lyric volume – but I said that. all that true epitaph. it sears the heart in memory.  forget the rest.



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