2 years later.


I got tired of writing myspace blogs.  So, I deleted my profile and randomly remembered about this account I haven’t written in for so long.   It was bittersweet reading the old entries of my previous relationship.  Sweet to read the fumbling thoughts of a naive girl, and bitter to relive the old days of a bickering and lackluster love.  

      I guess the last sentence is still very much a part of my current life, because the fumbling thoughts and the lackluster aspect is ever present.   New relationship.  New guy.  Same ol’ story.  The more I think of the phrase, "the more things change, the more they stay the same"….I realize how true it rings.   2 years later and things have changed so much in my life, but so much has stayed the same.  All physicalities in my life have very much evolved, i.e. new puppy, new apartment, new job, new boyfriend.   The emotional side of things, however, hasn’t budged:  something big is missing. 

    I’m assuming that the next several entries will be about trying to put a name to whatever it is that’s gone missing and to hopefully (eventually) coax it into my life. 


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