005: The end of something…

There is always this sadness one feels when vacation ends.  Especially when it’s the last day, the last night, the last hours, and even to its last minutes. If we can only let time pause for a while.  If only we can stay a little bit longer. But like most things, there’s an end to it.

This weekend wasn’t all about the not-so-nice things that happened.  There was more to it than that.  The 2nd day was all about spending time with myself.  I did a little work alone in a restaurant, walked by the beach and chill.  It was only later that afternoon that I get to contact some friends and met with to go for the bar’s happy hour.  They sell 2 cocktails for cost of 1, so my friends took advantage of it. I’m not much of a cocktail girl because as long as there’s beer, I’ll always be fine.

We stayed there hoping to watch the sunset but it was out of view.  I honestly did not bother to walk farther to have a clearer view of the mesmerizing sunset.  Because the view I got to see from where I was sitting was already captivating.  This picture taken using my phone can’t even give any justice.  I just love the moment when hues of blue and orange come together and slowly fading out.  And then comes the dark skies lit up with by the those twinkling stars. Always my favorite view.  The end of something is a beginning of something else. When my friends went back to their hotel, I was left alone by the beach, enjoying my beer.  Just lying there in a bean bag, stargazing.  Maybe others find it boring, but I’m really glad that there was actually one person that day who told me that it’s not boring.  Like me, she can just stare at the stars all night and feel totally happy.

If there’s one thing I always miss after a vacation, it’s always that moment when I could just stare blankly at the stars.  Think about nothing.  That moment of solitude. When you know you can just empty yourself out; free your mind from busy world you’re living in.  That moment when not only your body but even your mind can rest.  I am still glad that I went on that trip.  Now, I’m back to work again. 🙂







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February 26, 2019


February 27, 2019

Your right vacations are sad toward the end. Glad you had a good time.