I know that most of my entries here are about the guys I met these days.  I just realized that I’ve become a bit active of meeting people and exploring things I never thought I’d do in the past years.

Last Thursday, I met a guy in a bar where me and a group of friends regularly go for a trivia night.  Talked a bit with him, exchanged FB accounts, numbers and all. I don’t think I caught his interest as he was more keen on talking with my other girl friends.  They talked about stuff that they both know, and which I myself have really no idea.  I know right there, I just lost him.  I know it wasn’t a competition, but yeah, I felt that this guy is not gonna talk to me again.  I’m no fun!  The only thing maybe that we have in common is that he likes music.  And I do too.

From that night, I did not expect to hear anything from him.  But I was surprised to get a message from him asking me what locals have for breakfast.  haha! And so that’s where the chat started and decided to meet and hangout for the day.  We stayed and talk for a while in a coffee shop and planned on what to do and where to go next.  He was up and excited for everything.  So I let him try to ride the jeepney, which is one of the means of transportation here.  We then went to a music store where I was able to see how good he is with guitars.  I’ve been planning to buy my 2nd guitar lately, but just have not yet seen the one that will make me excited just by seeing it.  Well, not for that day. The 2nd music store we went in, I saw it. And I swear I felt my heart got so excited and I asked him to test it for me.  And while watching him play, I don’t know.  Something just touched my heart and I felt I was in trouble.  Since last year, I have always been trying to be in control with my emotions.  But that moment, I kind of lost it a bit.

After testing the guitar, I told myself that I’m not buying it right away.  If the next day, I would still want it, then I’ll buy it.  So from the music store, we looked for a place to grab some food since I haven’t eaten anything since morning and it was almost 2pm.  When we finished our food, we were clueless on where to go again and then saw an arcade.  My heart was full playing those games with him.  I felt like I’m being a teenager getting all those butterflies in my stomach feels.  I wanted to hangout with him some more and silently wishing that we could just stay there.  But no, even movies end and fairy tales have its happy endings.  For us, it was a goodbye.


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