008: Dear You

Dear You,

Just as soon as I moved on from the man who caused me pain for over a year, I got to know you.  The same as how I got to know him, I knew you.  But unlike him, I got the chance to meet you, hold you, hug you and kiss you.  For a short time that we got to know each other and because I thought people who’s been to so much pain can’t or wouldn’t want to cause much pain to others, I trusted you. I believed every word you said, just like how I believed him.

And now, I’m left crying again. So much for the pain caused by betrayal. I cry because once again, I fell for the wrong person. I believed a man who never had sincere intentions with me. A man who constantly lie to me.

  1. And everytime I cry, I look at my in the mirror and try to pose a smile. Because I know the crying will soon stop. And that these wrong persons are leading me closely to the right one. I do hope that they do. Not a broken heart or not even you will ever make me stop loving until I find the right man to give all my love to.
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