It’s been a while. I just finished reading my old entries and I can’t help but laugh at my own share of adversities. I was busy looking for love which only brought me so much tears, betrayal and hurts. But above it all I was able to get to know myself better. Loved and appreciated myself more. I was able to see the good amidst all the bad that happened. Don’t get me wrong. I am not giving up on finding love. I just redirected myself towards other goals which I am hoping and praying to achieve very soon. It’ll be a journey far from my family and living alone in a foreign land. I’m excited and scared, both at the same time. But I hope to find new friends, new experience and chase more dreams.


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April 20, 2022

THIS:=”I was able to see the good amidst all the bad that happened. ”

Huzzah.  Huzzah! A thousand voices in Unison, sing Huzzah!

When we can find the beauty in the Frame, no matter how it rendered in the Past, we are better able to find the beauty in the Future, and thus have less to fear, less for which to grasp after; we all know that grasping is the root of suffering, but it is so hard not to grasp toward the future until we have learned to let go of the past, which is just grasping for a different Frame than what happened.  To see the Frame as it was, and thus IS, we can let go of our desires that it was something else, and know that we could have done nothing other than what we did, just the same as any other Thing.  It is Tomorrow for which we can change who we are Today, to create the Morrow for which we strive; but having become who we Chose, we no longer worry if the Morrow resolves the way we wanted.  It will be glorious, just because we are there.