013: A matter of time

I am still trying to convince myself that everything is not final until I set foot on the island where I am going to move soon. Last week, I finally got all the clearance I need to exit the country. Now, it’s up for my employer to book our tickets and we are targeting to leave within the first week of June. This has been a dream for so long yet I can’t help myself from feeling nervous on this new journey.

It was around May 2020 when I got interviewed and accepted for the job. Due to the pandemic, the process was put on hold. I was only contacted again early 2021. On April 2021, I asked my employer if we could start on a remote work set-up which he agreed. But on the same month, I got into an accident (I shared in my previous entry). I was in the hospital when I attended the meeting with the first client assigned to me. I wasn’t required to attend because my employer knew about the situation I was in. However, I was so eager and I didn’t want him to have any second thoughts on keeping me employed. It’s crazy how I fought hard to keep this opportunity. Finally, after 2 years, we already have a target date to travel.

It’s slowly sinking in. I am scared but I wanted this. I wanted this so bad and there’s no turning back now. Few days from now, I’ll be leaving the city where I spent 10 years of my life. The city where I started to live a life of a clueless fresh graduate, a rookie adult. I can’t help but feel emotional every time I look back on those years, the life I’ve had here. This has become my comfort zone. And I know it is scary to step out of it.

I don’t know what awaits for me out there. Though one things for sure, I’ll survive and I’ll be more amazing as I can be. I can do this!

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May 17, 2022

Good luck!!! *hugs*

May 18, 2022

Yes, you definitely CAN do this and you will love it :-).