Just a thought

Is it possible for us to be good friends? I wonder.

Yes, he have said some stuff before which made me hope for a future for us. But we all know that things changed when I found out that he actually in a relationship. Then there goes the block and unblock thing, and me trying to resist the urge of texting him, which eventually I fail most of the time. These past days, our conversations were more about how we were individually. Although I still feel that he only texts me when he’s upset with his girlfriend or he needed someone to text with and make himself feel better amidst all the self-doubt he’s probably feeling. And the usual me will always have an honest advice and opinion. I honestly can feel his sadness when he says he’s sad.

Last night, I jokingly asked him if he has a single friend who would want to text/talk with a SE Asian girl. I was just curious on how he would react. But he replied that he’ll think about it and that there are lots of guys in the UK. He also suggested some dating sites that I should try to use. And later on he said that perhaps I could also introduce him to a PH girl when he’s finally single. I laughed at that comment though and told him that he loves his girlfriend so he can’t be single. I could actually feel that their relationship is just going through a tough time considering that they’re almost 3 years. And if they get through it, they’ll both be stronger to whatever would come their way.

Then I said that I’ll try his suggestions once I feel like talking to other guys again. And it was funny when he asked me to show him my new bf once I find someone. Why would he still be interested? But anyway, I just said okay. As if we will still be texting each other by that time. And so I wondered if it is possible for us to have that kind of friendship. I know it is a crazy thought, but it’s better than hating him.


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September 19, 2018

He’s only interested in friendship with you and you should cut him off, I know easier said than done. It is possible to have a relationship like that.