Mind reader

My lover treated me to a beautiful weekend and I drank too much and copped a bit of an attitude. I guess I was bossy and demanding sexually. I thwarted his efforts to sexually please me and then got pissed at him for not reciprocating promptly enough. He didn’t deserve my treatment and I usually make it my mission to treat him with love and care, as he does me.

I was moody and stressed and I cried.

He was moody and stressed and got pissed, and we got a little bitchy with each other. It ramped up, and I quickly folded once I pissed off the bear and dissolved into tears.

I felt sick with remorse immediately, because I really needed him more than usual and the last thing I wanted was to not have his favor or affection.

Afterwards, when I got home and before I went to bed,  I sent a text saying I was sorry for wasting time fighting and he said…

“No problemo. I’m used to it, being married.”

Then he said goodnight.

I can’t count the number of times he has complained about his wife ruining a good time with her difficult and unstable emotional behavior. If I had a dollar for every time he complained about her unappreciative attitude in regards to his efforts to give her a nice time, I’d be rich.

And that’s what he left me with to sleep on for the night. “No problemo, I’m used to it being married so long.”


You, bitch, are acting like my wife. I don’t like my wife because she is an unappreciative, overbearing cunt that does nothing but complain.

If I am going to have to listen to you act like my wife, then I will find another woman to spend time with. If I spend my limited free time and hard earned money taking a woman to a nice hotel, and I give them the gift of my sacrifice and all the spoils then they BETTER be more than appreciative.

If you ain’t appreciative, someone easier, cheaper, closer and less fucking work than your pampered ass will be. Guaranteed.

AND she won’t want to stick shit up my ass. Maybe she will instead make me feel like the powerful Dom I started out as before your freak ass stole my thunder and made me your personal ass slut.

Now suck it up and turn that smile into a frown or I’ll stick my dick in a happy mouth and a SAFE, old, dried up pussy that won’t soak up my semen and then spit out my demon spawn like a slot machine from hell.

Oh and one more thing…

You see what happens to my wife for bitching. What you won’t see is me putting up with YOUR ass like I do hers. She already has the Queen Bitch spot filled, ain’t no vacancy so get your fat ass down on your knees, open up your mouth, and shut the fuck up before you ain’t worth the beer it costs me to keep you happy on a typical winter weekend.

Here’s your walking papers.

Your night in a jacuzzi tub just turned into you holding a ratty hotel washcloth up to your battered asshole while you try not to tip off the psycho you picked up online…you know, the one that held you down and rammed your ass so hard you had to escape to the bathroom afterwards and turn the water on so you didn’t give the sadistic fuck a hard on with your whimpering.

Of course this is all exaggerated, but it’s based on the truth…even if it’s written with sarcasm.

My lover however, would never say these things to me. The words came from my imagination. He is usually kind to a fault.

And speaking of sarcasm…

My lover has frequently told me that his wife accuses him of being passive aggressive. He disagrees with that assessment of his character.

I think this is a perfect example of what she means when she incorrectly calls him that…the hurtful comments full of hidden rancor disguised as a light-hearted joke.

Passive aggression is sabotaging someone secretly or high jacking their cooperation through manipulation and then making them believe they chose their own destiny.

Those are two examples I understand to be passive aggressive.

What my lover exhibited was not passive aggressiveness.

It’s called a mean streak.

It is as devastating as an atom bomb on a schoolhouse. It has absolutely NO place in love.

But he got that mean streak because of her, not me. I just did something that infuriated him. I reminded him of her. She is unkind to him, not me.

Buddah said: Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.

No problemo, Buddah. I’ll just take it up the ass and smile at any mean fucker that comes my way.

I am used to it being married so long.


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