Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

It’s been a few months since I’ve heard from Vickie.


So many months that I assumed she had moved on with her life.


So, when she popped up on my text screen on mother’s day, it took me several minutes to even know who was texting me. I seriously thought she had given up on the idea that Roger still sees me.


I have NO idea why she won’t let it go.


This is a screenshot of her text…


Happy Mother’s Day, from my ex boyfriend’s current girlfriend that replaced me??!




I didn’t give her the courtesy of a response, because she’s a fucking crazy bitch. And because she thinks she is smarter than me, and can manipulate me and use my empathic nature to keep her lover in check.


I ignored her. But she doesn’t like to be ignored. Prides herself, in fact, on not letting anyone get away from her unscathed. She told me this herself. Said she “refused to be ignored.


Well bitch, you just were.


Sorry, I’m not babysitting my phone, answering text messages from self imposed acquaintances on Mother’s day, but rather, spending time with my KIDS.


In true fashion, she waited about 24 hours and sent me another text, also shown below.

She’s concerned that I’m not “ok”? Really? She wasn’t too concerned when she was making my life a living hell for absolutely no good reason other than she was afraid of my Ghost.


The next day, she called me. I let it ring and then go to the voicemail box that I no longer have activated because her cruel intentions forced me to be anonymous, even to my friends and family.

She’s concerned about me alright… concerned that I’m the one he’s with when his whereabouts come into question. And that’s ALL she’s concerned about, getting reassurance from me that he isn’t contacting me and making sure I’m not contacting him.


Well, she can go ahead and wonder.


Cuz reassuring her did no good, and if I make myself unavailable, maybe she will go the fuck away.


Why does she still think I am a threat, three years later?


She has my name saved in her phone under the name “CUNT”. Again, here is a screenshot of THAT.


So, lemme get this straight…she wants me to believe she’s concerned about a woman to whom she has bestowed the name “CUNT”.


She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


She can go blow some other bitch’s house down.



Cuz this time around, I built mine with bricks.





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