5 senses stollen from Celestialflutter

5 Senses



  1. Old spice reminds me of my first date. I like that scent even now
  2. fresh cut grass… and burning leaves
  3. a new baby… they all smell so good.
  4. Fresh bread baking at the local bakery
  5. Lily of the valley flowers… reminds me of being a kid they would grow outside my bedroom window


  1. falling stars! I still make a wish
  2. mountains when the fog rolls in
  3. sun rise over the ocean
  4. Rainbows
  5. castles in Europe! I always pretend I was the princess in my mind…and wonder what it would have been like


  1. my husband playing the piano and singing me love songs…still melts my heart
  2. rain on a tin roof and the ocean
  3. children laughing and playing
  4. trains from a far.
  5. wind chimes during a rain storm


  1. home made ice-cream
  2. chocolate cake with white icing
  3. first sip of coffee in the morning
  4. ice cold water in the heat of summer
  5. pina coladas by the pool


  1. cold mud squishing between my toes on a hot summer day
  2. A warm fire on a cold snowy day
  3. Husband’s assuring hug when I am sad or scared
  4. petting a horses nose! one of the softest things I have ever felt
  5. baby’s skin… so soft and smooth!
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3 weeks ago

Taken Kat 🙂

3 weeks ago

I love all the things you posted. I agree with them all…..except for the ones hubby does for you. Those I wouldnt know. 😂

3 weeks ago

I too love trains from afar and wind chimes. I hang them outside my windows. 🙂

3 weeks ago

I love all of these except my hubby never played an instrument or sang love songs to me, but he gave amazing hugs and I loved dancing with him. I’d also add ice tea with lemon and tiramisu for taste. Great list!

3 weeks ago

I loved reading these.  When I was an arts coordinator in a local hospital  I used to introduce myself as a story listener.  Most people had a story they enjoyed telling me and yet a few didn’t.  I’d ask the later to write/tell me about a beautiful scene that they’d always remembered.  We’d created a poem with sight, sound, taste, tactile info and taste mentioned in the first two lines…and for the third, I’d say to tell me what they felt in that moment they’d experienced.  Really moving sometimes to hear these poems.  I’d type them and give the patient a copy before leaving.  Your list is filled with ideas for a poem … or more.

3 weeks ago

@sago such a beautiful thing to say! Thank you

3 weeks ago