Almost finished!

Edit: just added this pic… the one one the right is finished


They are looking pretty darn cute! But as cute as they are wait until tomorrow when I add the dark wax!

The knobs do look perfect and will look even better with dark wax!

not been online too much but once I quit doing all the extra projects

tomorrow is a girls day… jo seems really stressed so that is good to have fun and relax!

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3 weeks ago

Nice!  I enjoy your photos of your projects very much.

3 weeks ago

@catholicchristian  thank you! I just finished one. I added it this was a fun one

3 weeks ago

They look great. I think that’s a big improvement.

3 weeks ago

Job well done….I am impressed….

3 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I really like the project that you’re working on!