and poof my entry was gone….


this is my 5th try! WTF!

skinny is my son is in south amarica

my watch locked up with this screen took my an hour to fix!

my life gets more and more boring each time I try to post this stupid entry!

yep my life is just that boring…. lmao if you were one of the people that might have got to read each of these 5 posts before they disappeared! hahahahahah


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3 weeks ago

I am glad you finally got this posted…..

3 weeks ago

Technology can be a b*#ggar!

3 weeks ago

@trunorth LOL each repost my entry got smaller and smaller… almost just posted the pics and said WTH??? LOL

3 weeks ago

Gah, that’s the worst!

3 weeks ago

I feel like life is normally boring my, until something newsworthy happens.