Auction buys


we went to an auction today… came home with all these goodies!

anyone know what this Mark is? Almost looks like a free mason symbol???

keeping the antique secretary desk and the antique chest. Anyone know what kind of chest it is??? At first I thought it was maybe a dry sink or wash stand but doubt it???

bought the small bookcase for jo!

painting the vintage chest of drawers. Probably teal and black!

keeping one of the two little chairs



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3 weeks ago

Does Jo know about what she is going to get?  How is Cole doing? Has he gone to court yet and what happened?

3 weeks ago

Looks like you found a lot of great things as always :).

3 weeks ago

Just beautiful!  What I would give to have some of your finished furniture!  You take things that don’t look like much and make them exquisite again.

3 weeks ago

I love how you are always busy doing what you enjoy

Nice finds! 🙂 I have no idea but they are very nice.