fun in the sun

Jo came over and we swam until 3:00… she is burnt crispy!

we had a blast talking girl talk and soaking up the sun. We have the best time.

We are planning on spending tomorrow shopping till we drop… bestie days really are the best!

She looks like she has gained a little weight back which is good… I was really worried about all the weight she lost and how fast… she is eating better.

I am trying to help her learn how to eat healthy so we can be best friends forever

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7 days ago

Awww… so nice of you to work with her on eating healthy.

It sounds like you had a really nice day hanging out with her. Have fun shopping tomorrow!

7 days ago

I hope Jo listens to you and stays off that booze….I hate to see people die because of the stupid things they do to their bodies.

7 days ago

That’s a good thing to do, to help her do things in a healthy way, not a dangerous way. I’m glad you guys had a good time together

6 days ago

Lucky to have each other.

6 days ago

@trunorth thanks I totally agree

6 days ago

Make sure she wears sun screen, too!

Glad you guys had a great day together.