Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone makes someone’s day special! It doesn’t have to be a mate or lover… maybe a best friend or neighbor? I try to make at least one person’s day special every single day. It is funny how small acts of kindness can make someone’s day special and brighter. It might only be a few kind words, or a piece of candy, a lunch date, a silly 5 dollar gift… just something to let them know they were special enough to think of them that day.

This cameo is a vintage one I bought… it is the size of my palm and just so elegant!


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3 days ago

That’s a good way to live.  You can change someone’s life by doing an act of kindness. Happy Valentine’s day

3 days ago

I try to live like that too…I always try to make at least one person smile a day when I am out in the real world.

2 days ago

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

12 hours ago

Agree – do good things for others.  It’s a wonderful feeling.