hearing voices

Jo jo woke me up around 6:30 this morning telling me to listen to this… it was her son Cole screaming. She was also upset and wanted him to repeat want he was telling her. he screamed back yes I hear people talking about me downstairs…. he says he always hears them outside the house too! She just wanted someones else to hear him because she wants to get him help!

I am pretty scared for her because I believe he has been a little rough with her… he is 6ft tall and she is maybe 5ft tall. He acts so angry all the time. it is scary!

I pray she is able to get help!

EDIT: I spent the day with Jo. she said Cole came inside about 15 mins after it happened and asked her what just happened.. he could not recall it! So after it happens he thinks his mom is making it up.  that is why she let me listen to it today I am wondering if that is why he got in trouble a few weeks ago when the police was called. he probably thought those kids were talking about him???



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November 7, 2019

I am thinking it’s the drugs and the alcohol and yes he needs major help…I hope he gets it.

November 7, 2019

@jaythesmartone I think he might be schizophrenia??? he has been hearing voices for a while now Jo said. she recalls many times him saying can you hear them talking… and she will say no, they don’t even know you (the will be out eating or shopping) and he thinks they are talking about him


November 7, 2019

While drugs can cause these delusions (not sure what drugs he’s on) but hard core one’s (like heroine, meth, and others) will cause these delusions and outbursts. My son never had them, but I know people with addicts of children have said something similar.

He could have schizophrenia and or just generalise anxiety disorder. I hope it is not the latter of the two. Schizophrenia is an awful thing to suffer with.

November 7, 2019

@dancingthrough he has been like this when he first wakes up and 20 mins later he is fine and can reacall anything


November 7, 2019

Cole has serious mental issues and should be seen by a psychiatrist ASAP! Medication could help make him a much more healthy, happy individual.

November 8, 2019

How scary! I hope he gets some help. Jo should video him and play it back after it happens so he can see.