Hidden room



Mark  is hidden room within the hidden panic room…. God for bid any stupid robber try to get us in this room lol

he is cleaning the guns and writing down all the serial numbers for insurance.   My fathers guns are in the safe as are the hand guns minus the ones we keep by the bed.

Oh and we are Democrats lol so the love of guns is not a republican thing as most believe.

All are legal all are registered

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4 weeks ago

Should come in handy for the zombie apocalypse!

4 weeks ago

@trunorth lol so true. each gun has a different purpose. duck guns are different than guns you hunt deer with and skeet guns are different than target practicing guns and some of the are just collector guns or 150 yr old


4 weeks ago

Nothing wrong with a little extra protection, as long as the guns remain in the hands of responsible, mature, law-abiding adults… like you and your husband.

4 weeks ago

We’re what would be considered liberal for the South. I hate guns, personally, but I also believe in responsible gun ownership. Ivan has a few, all legal and registered and locked away safely.