JoJo a no go

Well today Jo went to work drunk! They call into HR and suspended her for 8 weeks!

she is free falling… he drinking is out of control when she is not around me! She does not get drunk around me because she knows I do not approve and will not let her in my car drunk and will not let her get drunk in my home! I had to set down rules but she must not even try when she is at home???

I guess her home life is so bad that she drinks to escape? 🙁

This was written this weekend!

today I took jo to get tests done and talked to a rehab for her! Trying to help!!

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2 weeks ago

I sure hope she gets help and sticks with it

2 weeks ago

Yeah, that’s not good. Hopefully she can get some help because that’s a problem

2 weeks ago

I’m so sorry. I hope she gets the help she needs. Addiction is tough!

2 weeks ago

I hope that rehab and getting suspended from work for 8 weeks will help her sober up.

2 weeks ago

Addiction is very difficult and quite irrational. You can offer help but, in the end, she will need to do the hard work herself.