Lazy day

clancy is soaking up the heat from the fireplace… I have not turned on our heat yet just using the fireplace to take the chill off!

i mulched moms leaves today… and didn’t do much else! I am really thinking about putting up Christmas soon… I already see houses with their lights up and on!  Thinking mid nov. lo

i have three new jewelry art jobs… they want personal pieces only… so it kinda curves the creative side


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2 weeks ago

Lazy days are nice. 🙂

Christmas up already?  Too soon for even me.  I usually don’t decorate til right after Thanksgiving…….then up it goes!

2 weeks ago

I turned the heat on last night! Brrr!

2 weeks ago

Looks cozy.

2 weeks ago

Awesome about the new jewelry art jobs.

Clancy’s looking very comfortable curled up by the fireplace. I would be terrified to have Kitten near a fireplace, but he’s also only a year old.