Look for the beauty in your own life


I remember when I was a small kid  there was a huge tree in my neighbor s yard. No clue what type of tree only that it had  large roots  and dirt around the base…

All the kids would play there… it was cool and a perfect place to play cars! We would get little dump trucks and pretend they were making roads all the cars had their own driveway between the roots  we would play for hours.

i only tell you about this as a reference to what each of us see as beauty!
a lady down the street has a tree similar to the tree from my childhood. When I look at it i recall how I loved  playing  under a tree like that.

i told her one day how I loved that tree and she looked at me and said ewwww I hate it! I hate all those ugly roots!

she could not see the beauty I saw and even if I told her or showed her…. she would never see the beauty in that tree

much like life in general…. we all see our own Beauty even if it is an old ugly deep rooted tree

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2 weeks ago

I love this and your memory of the joy you received from an “ugly old tree”

2 weeks ago

My land lady has this huge tree called a Monkey tree


So I can understand what you mean by beaty is in the eye of the beholder.

How is Jo doing? Has she had her surgery yet and will she listen to what the doctor tells her about the special care she will need and the special diet?

2 weeks ago

This is a wonderful story. We use to play cars too. We played in our front yard by the curb. Poor dad never had grass there.  It was our roads.

2 weeks ago

I love trees with large, deep roots that stick out all over the place. What a lovely childhood memory.

2 weeks ago



1 week ago

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.