new antique trunk

I have plans to buy another old trunk. It is in Kentucky and about 2.hours  or so from me so it will be an adventure.

this trunk is a camel back and has lots of metal trim on it.

the pics look very cool and really looks like I won’t need to spend a lot of time restoring as it has not been paint and has little wood on it.  pretty cool trunk I have never seen one like it before.

I have been sitting on the porch watching the chaos next door. Not sure exactly what happened but two sheriffs  cars were there. and one was circling the neighborhood so I got a little worried and went in thinking maybe it was a break-in?

I was sitting on my swing and I could hear a man’s voice… it scared me until I realized it was mark talking to me thru our ring doorbell lol

I am still waiting for him to get home…. it should be around 11. but I am guessing he is not too busy as he has time to mess with me lol


I will take pics once I pick up

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January 6, 2019

I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of the new trunk.

It’s always scary when you see police activity in your neighborhood.

January 7, 2019

@justamillennial I agree! I am unsure if it was her hubby causing problems, if she was drunk and being mean to kids, or a break in???? I do know grandma and daughter had just gotten home


January 7, 2019

sounds really cool.  I bet every time you find something you want Mark just rolls his eyeballs and says “whatever”  and he figures there is no sense saying no because you have already made up your mind.  You are just like me a typical female….

January 7, 2019

@jaythesmartone  he is always ok with it. he loves the finished results or knows I will resale for profit. it is only 50 bucks so it is not going to hurt us

January 7, 2019

Can’t wait to see it!

Ben drives me batty with that damn ring camera. He’s always trying to have a full conversation with me as I’m bringing in groceries or what not.

January 7, 2019

@dancingthrough must be a man thing lol


January 7, 2019

Lokk forward to the pictures of the trunk. I hope the neighbours get sorted out It sounds sad.