Drizzly day!

Makes you just want to curl up by the fire with a good book but I had lots I wanted to do because tonight we have the auction!

My goal is the buy the stained glass… I will see what it goes for???

my sister said they are going to end up paying Uncle Sam about 35,000!  Ouch! We usually are smart and take out plenty of taxes each check but this year returns were kinda guess work??? My sister is an accountant and actually teaches it but had theirs figured very wrong… thankful she does not do ours.


Photo is rain drops on my mini’s window

Salad: spring mix of greens, boil egg, tomato, cranberries, feta cheese, sunflower seeds and  poppyseed dressing from Panera! Yummy and baked salmon for dinner

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2 weeks ago

The salad looks delicious.

$35,000 is a lot of money to pay for taxes :-O. Thankfully she doesn’t do yours and Mark’s.

2 weeks ago

@justamillennial  we pay far more than that but we have it taken out each check so we do not have to pay a lot at the end of the year.. everyone has to pay a 1/3 of their income

2 weeks ago

If in the future you want to make a large donation to a Canadian you can send me the money and I will send you  a tax receipt and then give back the money the following year as a gift to you then no taxes on that money?

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone it does not work like that 🙂

2 weeks ago

I’d find the nearest bridge and jump off it if I owed that. Kidding, maybe.

I’m glad she is not my accountant, or yours!


2 weeks ago

@dancingthrough they only pay for the teaching the both are professors

2 weeks ago

It sounds like you enjoy cooking and the salad you’ve described sounds wonderfully creative and tasty.

2 weeks ago

Oh, wow! How in the world…I would look like I’d seen a ghost if I owed that much on taxes. That really is a good thing she doesn’t do your taxes! That’s quite the error, huh?

I can appreciate everything you ate, and it’s all on my diet. You gave me some good ideas, I never thought about adding sunflower seeds – although I add almonds. I’m glad to hear of someone else adding boiled egg to their salad, I often get looked at like I’m a lunatic for doing so haha.


2 weeks ago

@itsaunicorn no error. they teach online classes for college and no taxes are taken out so if they don’t do it per check they have to pay end of the year.  usually they have enough tax loops to help but not this year… ouch!  most restaurants have eggs on their salad bars… that is how I got started

1 week ago


My first experience with boiled eggs in salad, I believe, was actually at a restaurant. I seem to associate it with Texas Roadhouse, so that’s probably it. haha

Oh, okay. That makes sense now about the taxes. That’s a bummer!!

2 weeks ago

Salad looks yummy.

It’s supposed to rain a good bit here this week.

2 weeks ago

@queenofegypt sick of the rain already but better than snow!