Short of time

Sorry I have not been on here much lately and have been a bad note buddy! My life has been full.

Jo has been keeping my busy with all her doctor appointments and I have has a few myself.

My mother really feels a little jilted because I spend so much time with Jo and a little less time with her. I totally understand that but I cannot tell her I feel Jo’s time is limited and that she is leaving me close to 4 million now and I feel it is the least I can do is help her out because she really has no one else

I invited mom and Jo over for Chili last night… I always have chili on Halloween… Jo stayed for a few trick or treaters.

We did get a lot done yesterday… she has had so much to do. I am proud of her not drinking as much and that she has been able to do these things in a total clear mind! That is why I would not let her do all of this in one or two days… I wanted her to really have lots of time to think this out. but she is positive Cole would kill him self with drugs if he had that much money…. she wants him to try to make something out of his life. He has a lot of issues. he has been suspended from school almost every year since 3rd grade! he has flunked one year and she is not even sure he will graduate. This year he has gotten in trouble fro drugs, had a wreck with no insurance and was totally drunk, and now his has a trespassing charge… and he did not show up for court Friday…so there is probably a bench warrant  out for him 🙁 she feel he will be in jail in the next few years or so or he will die of drugs…. sad for her to feel that way.


I sold my blue dresser today for 175.00… good profit

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November 1, 2019

Yikes! Poor Jo. I’ll never complain about my son again. She definitely has her hands full!

I’ve missed you ❤

November 1, 2019

@dancingthrough I have missed you too my beautiful friend


November 1, 2019

Maybe Jo can stipulate in her will that unless Cole has been drug free of all the known and unknown drugs like crack, meth and also alcohol that he doesn’t get a dime of the inherited money till he is sober for at least 5 years?  And he is working and maintaining the bills he owes companies?

November 1, 2019

@jaythesmartone she is just going to leave him the house and a hundred thousand dollars… probably the cars and he will also have 5

0,000 a year from the land payment so he will be ok.

November 2, 2019

I love the picture.

I’m so sorry about everything going on with Jo. Does your mom have anyone else who she can spend time with? I’m sure that she misses you, but having a friend who can come over and spend time with her might help her feel a little less jilted.

November 2, 2019

I’ve missed you, but I understand how busy life can get!