Stripping most of the day


I stripped all day but don’t get excited! It was furniture not my panties!

i got both of these pieces basically finished. I just need to lightly go over them and prepare them to stain. Putting red mahogany stain on the desk Because it is cherry wood. And I am staining the dry sink a dark walnut. It will make the oak a nice warm brown.

both will be complete this week. And I should have the dresser chest of drawers and bookcase started!

move out quick… staining is fast!

I am also painting jos condo!
no wonder I am her bestie lol


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3 weeks ago

You strip your panties?  I was so looking forward to that but then I know you are the shy type…..

The stripping is looking really good…I can hardly wait to see the finished products.

3 weeks ago

Looks nice! I’m sure it will turn out awesome :).