Why is the caffeine gone?


There is legit no caffeine in my house right now. This is a problem. A massive problem. As it is only 8:30, I can barely keep my eyes open, and I have at least three more hours of adulting to do before I can actually climb into bed and sleep.

Or try to sleep whilst my mind runs about a million miles a minute and I lay in the dark cursing the bitch that is insomnia.

Yes, I have a caffeine addiction. Yes I have insomnia. Yes I have caffeine at night. Yes I am aware that I am sabotaging myself by doing so. It’s how I survive running around / ubering my two kids everywhere after I leave work and pick them up from school. If you have another way of surviving, please let me know. Otherwise, leave me be.

Today wasn’t all bad as far as Mondays go. Both boys are settling into the new school year really well. Chris likes his teacher and his class and Jack has come to realize that middle school is, in fact, not going to kill him. He has friends in his classes, people to sit with at lunch, LIKES his classes, and just made the school soccer team. (YES!!) So all is right in kid / tweenager world. They both even like me today and are currently hanging out with me on the couch without screaming at each other. I’ll take it.

….for real, I would seriously kill someone for an iced coffee right now.


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