5 Songs to Get to Know me By!

Got this from Drama @drama

As you may or may not know, I love classic punk… well, punk of any decade. This is just who I am.

I fell for these guys back when I was a teenager. No judging please.

This song is a song that sticks with you. It’s zen.

I know I know, I am still quite the Blockhead like I was as a teenager. 😛 I love Joey LOL!!

I just love the energy of this song. You can really boogey down to this!


And honor mention:

Because as a kid I got sung this as a lullaby. 😀


OK. Your turn!


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August 22, 2021

That O-zone song!  All I can picture in my head is that viral video of the buy lip-syncing to “numa-numa”.  LOL!

August 23, 2021

@drama Yasss!! 🙂