And Queen Daenerys… lol…

These past few days, time throughout the day is going so damn fast. It seems like I just ate breakfast, now it’s almost noon. o_O Today I am not doing much, maybe sleeping the aft away bc I had shitty sleep last night. I had two dreams… 1) was Bees and I were on this really low suspension bridge and it was very dark out, and I found what looked like old coins… but they were a toonie and a loonie… I picked them up and handed them to Bees who suggested to me that we run towards this building where there was strawberries filled with heavy cream… and 2) was when me and Deb were putting these packages of butter away into this fridge and some kept falling out and we kept packing in them… 

Weird shit.


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October 26, 2021

what about Kaleesi ?

October 26, 2021

@journalsecret Kaleesi is ok, but Daenerys had it going on til that damn Jon Snow destroyed that.