I don’t usually take selfies, mostly bc I enjoy taking other people’s pictures or scenery or what have you. But I rather like this pic of me. I am a strawberry blonde… as you can see… not auburn, I have too much blonde in me. I am not dumb though.

Today I went on Zoom church. It was all about God’s plan for us. I believe that He has a plan for me, even though I have no clue what it may be… I think Carina @caria would agree that He does have us in good faith.

I got this song in my head…

It’s a weird little ditty but I like stuff like that.

Today we are having chicken thighs, and rice and some veg for dinner.

I will do the dishes with Bees and in turn Bees will help me tomorrow.

Bees and Julz have ordered us Timmy’s. 😀

Anyways, I think the order is here.


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September 19, 2021

You take good selfies, Sammy. This is a very nice picture of you. It looks like there was a nice little breeze going on.

September 19, 2021

@heffay Yupp there was … 🙂

September 19, 2021

nice selfie

September 19, 2021
September 19, 2021

really a great pic my pretty friend


September 19, 2021

@kaliko 🤗