Gonna do this!

A writing challenge from @ncumisa

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OK. So, first things first.

These are the things that make me happy!

  1. Bees – my sister from another mister. I met her in college a quarter of a century ago. Saying that makes me feel old. But yeah, in 1997; we were college buds. And now we live together in the same home. 😮 Who knew?
  2. Julz – my other sister from another mister. When I met her over two years ago, we just clicked and I don’t think anything like that besides Bees, has ever happened to me.
  3. My mom. She isn’t my birth mom but she is my mother. I love her dearly and would do anything for her. She is truly amazing.
  4. Potato crisps. I don’t like a lot of sweets, even the diabetic ones… so I usually choose chips over anything else.
  5. Taylor Swift – I truly am a Swiftie. She is the best.
  6. Sir Olivier Doggo. He is the floofiest dog ever. I have a video of him here and some pix here.
  7. Tim Horton’s cold brewed coffee. LOVE this.
  8. Huckleberry Finn the book. Love his disregard for being proper. LOL
  9. Bananas – Love banana bread, and just plain naner guns. 🙂
  10. Last but not least! YOU. I 💖 y’all!

That’s it til tomorrow! 😀


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September 28, 2021

I read ‘Bees’ and was shocked to think you were happy about bees…apparently those things f’ing hurt…but I read a lil more and realised you were referring to you ‘sister from another mister’

You like Tayler Swift? Why? I kinda just always thought of her an a angry youngster…writing songs about all hear heartbreak…which is kinda funny since I seem to have a rhythm of breaking down songs to fit with my emotions…mmm…maybe I will listen to her some more.

Love you too Sammy 😘


September 28, 2021

@ncumisa LOL yes. Bees the person is my sister Colleen, Bees is her nickname. I actually hate bugs esp, stinging ones. 😮

September 28, 2021

I like Tayler swift too

September 28, 2021

@kaliko Tay is amazing isn’t she??

September 28, 2021

16 ——-        my cat

September 28, 2021

@ihavenoarms You miss your kitty? Aww… *hugs*

September 29, 2021

@kartoffeltorte  i had a  big  orange tabby cat for 14 years but  had to have her  put down she  stopped eating lost her  eye  sight

September 29, 2021

@ihavenoarms Aww…