Okay so…

I just woke up with a bad back. This invariably happens bc my current bed is a piece of shit. Thank God I’m getting my Ghost bed soon. IDK how much more I can deal with this.

I have a Zoom meeting tonight at 7p. So, that should be fun. It’s with Jan Olden who will perform an exorcism on me, bc of Kurt, hopefully she can drive that little shit out of me. Don’t fret. It’s just a council call today…

I hear the trains going by… I think it’s a freighter… the horn sounds foggier than a GO train. The acoustics in this town are fantastic.



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October 7, 2021

That Ghost bed can’t get there soon enough.  I have a new mattress but I still wake up in terrible pain.  It’s just part of my life at this point.  I sincerely hope your back will be better after you get the bed.

October 7, 2021

I hope the new bed is going to help you.

Tonight must be the night for Zoom meetings. I have one tonight, too, but for different reasons.

October 7, 2021

@caria 😄

October 7, 2021

So you’re having an exorcism while waiting to sleep on a Ghost?! SAMMY! Just kidding with you. The exorcism sounds interesting. You guys find some unique things to do.

October 7, 2021

@heffay 😘😆