Roast chicken, veggie samosas and green beans for supper…

Am I making y’all hungry? The samosas were perfect, the chicken fall off the bones, and the beans were good too. πŸ™‚

I think I will go on my tablet, I got my Fire back. I gave Pinky the iPad bc I don’t like it. I prefer the Fire. πŸ˜€ I am on FB (once again)…even though it’s a bloated corpse. Here.

Today is Sun-Joo’s birthday. She had a strawberry shortcake type thing. It was light and delicious.

Tomorrow is Monday and that means nothing bc Mondays suck. Garfield knows it too.

Why Does Garfield Hate Mondays? | Exclaim!

Yupp. This wee/kend coming is Ry’s weekend… and I must try and curb myself when it comes to seconds.. but knowing me, I will have seconds… esp, of foods that I love that Ry serves.

It’s not fair. I am not a fucking rabbit… but having diabetes means, more bunny foods.

/pity party over. Lights out.


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